Week 8 – Zoom effect or Zoom burst effect

Have you heard about this technique in photography called Zoom Burst Effect. This is a technique in which you can use any zoom lens to take unique photos.

What is Zoom Burst Effect?

Zoom Effect or Zoom Burst effect is a trick to take a photo of subject using a special technique in which the lens is zoomed while the photo is being taken. For this effect you can use any of these lenses
Nikkor 18-55mm
Nikon 18-135mm
Nikkor 18-200mm
Nikkor 28-300mm  (full frame DSLRs)

or basically any zoom lens with a bigger range to get proper zoom burst effect.

Techniques to get Zoom burst effect correctly

  1. Use Tripod

    The trick here is to set the camera on a tripod as this trick requires slower shutter speed. Set your subject in front of the camera and focus on it.

  2. Slow Shutter speed

    Set the shutter speed of the camera to about 1 second long. This will allow the shutter to stay open while you do the zoom with your hand on the subject to achieve the effect.

  3. High Aperture Value (f-stop): Set the aperture value of your camera at f16 or higher to get clarity on the subject.
  4. Twist the Zoom Ring: after you have set the camera on tripod, shutter speed and Aperture focus on the subject and click the shutter button at the same time keep your other hand on the zoom ring and zoom your lens while the shutter is open for 1 second. So now with this zoom you can experiment and look for the result that shoots you. you can zoom in or zoom out or stop at half way and zoom again. Experiment yourself and see how it works.

One Tip Leave the ISO as low as possible because since the exposure is longer it will capture more light so its recommended to have lower ISO.

The Actual Photo shoot

For the photos listed in the gallery on this post I mostly used 28-70MM lens at a speed of atleast 1 sec and ISO  100 on a tripod. Focused the camera on the showpiece of the cupid and then followed the above instruction. For the second photo I did the same but ISO -1.0 as it was very bright in the park where I took the photo of the sunflower.

 Post Processing

Didn’t do much post processing on these pictures except cropping unnecessary stuff out of the photo.

Camera settings for the photos

Lens : 28-70mm

Camera: Nikon D610

Shutter Speed : 1 second

Aperture : f22

ISO : -1 to 100

Mode M

Checkout some great sample of the zoom effect from http://masteringphoto.com/zoom-burst/


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