Week 11 – My First Siblings Photoshoot

Week 11 of my blog, sorry for not being able to post since long. I was busy with migrating this site and blog from old service provider to new. But since thats done now, I bring you this weeks blog in which I will share tips about Siblings Photoshoot.

Planning the Photo shoot

Since in this photoshoot i was supposed to capture two boys one 7yr old and other almost 1. I discussed the shoot with their mother and she explained me what kind of pictures she wanted. I shared some poses from google and we finalized on some poses. Since Mom was very excited and wanted to use more props, I arranged some props and asked the remaining ones to be arranged by the parents.

Note: Since the client wanted outdoors pics as well I suggested early morning or before sunset timings as everyone knows how Summer in India is 🙂

The Actual Photo shoot?

Based on prior discussion I brought my props , backdrops and most important my Nikon D610. I used my favorite 50mm 1.8g lens and 28-70mm for the entire shoot as it gave me shallow depth to focus on the siblings. And as mentioned in previous posts these lens are pretty fast to capture motion of the young ones.

The tricky part with any siblings photoshoot is to keep both or more kids interested and happy during the whole shoot. Since in this particular case one kid was 7yr he was enthusiastic enough to get his pics captured so he listened to my instruction and the other one was less than 1yr (not walking yet ;)) this made my tasks easier. All I had to do is make them sit in the poses which we had pre-planned.

I took help from the parents to distract the younger one and made him sit next to his brother and as soon as my pose was ready i started clicking.



  • Dont keep the aperture at its widest as this may blur the other person in the frame
  • Keep the camera in Continous high (CH) mode to click faster pictures. This will save lots of time.
  • Make sure the shutter speed is high too.
  • Props are pre-arranged and setup before posing the kids


Post Processing

For all the photos on this post i used Adobe Lightroom for editing. This time i didnt have to do much except adjusting the vibrance, saturation because the pics came out good right out of the camera. This is what happens with practice 😉


Camera settings for the photos

Lens : 50mm 1.8g and 28-70mm

Camera: Nikon D610

Shutter Speed : 1/200th – 1/400th second

Aperture : F2.8-F4

ISO : 200-400

Mode A and S

See you until next time. Enjoy!!!!

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