Wild Life Photography

Wild Life photography has a wide range of choice. It involves shooting animals , birds and wild jungles. Wild life as a subject is one that cannot be controlled, you need a lot of patience and keen eye for the right moment to take the shot. Sometimes even after waiting the whole day you may not be able to get the shot you desired.

Tips on getting the desired Wild Life photography

  • One important piece of equipment you need for wildlife photography is a zoom telephoto lens. Nowadays lenses have zoom upto 500mm, anything above 200mm is a good start. If you have a lower focal length lens there are tele-converters available to increase the focal length range at the cost of aperture.
  • Wild-life are moody and make us wait, so a remote trigger is also good investment.
    Setup the camera in a disguise near the animal or birds and then use remote trigger to get the desired shot.
  • Dont just concentrate on the animals in limelight, sometimes even a crow can give you a shot that is one of a kind. So keep your eyes open for other wild life near by.

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