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This section shows adult portraits in color as well as black and white. Portrait photography is all about people and their expression.
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Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is to my opinion the most challenging among all , why ? Because it involves dealing with people. People of different personality types and sometimes complete strangers.  Taking portraits for family member and friends is easy but asking a complete stranger or taking portraits of clients can sometimes be difficult as you need dont know the person very well and you have to make them laugh or be natural. Best practice is to talk to the person whose is the subject of your portrait photography for 15-20 mins prior to the portrait shoot so they feel at ease and will give their best shot.

Tips for better portrait photography

  • As a general rule make sure the shutter speed is higher than the focal length, for example for a 50mm focal length make sure the shutter speed is 1/60th of a second or more.
  • Try to use as wide of a aperture as possible, I recommend buying a 50mm f1.8 aperture prime lens for APS-C (Crop sensor) DSLR or a 85mm f1.8 aperture prime lens for Full-frame DSLR. If you have any of these lenses experiment by using aperture from f1.8 to f2.8. Portraits are generally better in these range. Wide aperture will bring your subject in focus and blur the background.
  • Try to focus on the eye of the subject, this one technique will get you great result in your portrait photography.
  • Use a reflector if you have one, if not try reflecting the light from the sun or any other light source by using a white cardboard.

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