Nightscape Photography

Nightscape photography follows almost all the same rules as Landscape photography but this photos include night scene and require expert knowledge about ISO, exposure compensation and focusing. Since during Night there is low light and its hard to focus you need to have the knowledge to focus on right objects select proper apertures, ISO and shutter speed to get the right balance and capture the nightscape correctly.

Few Tips for better Nightscape photography

  • Since its difficult to focus in low light, you would definitely need to focus using manual mode and lock the focus and then take the shot.
  • Tripod is a must for Nightscape photography, since almost always when using small aperture during night the shutter speed would have to be slow and you know want camera shake to blur the image. So invest in a good tripod if you are exploring nightscape photography.
  • Make sure you dont increase the ISO too much, as it will increase the noise in your images and images will be all grainy.
  • When capturing star trails and milky way images you need to have a lens which has wide aperture of at least f2.8. So if you are planning to shoot nightscape that includes star trails and milky way, i recommend investing in a good wide angle lens with wide aperture.

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