Macro and Floral Photography

Macro and Floral photography is a interesting division of photography as it involves special equipment or lenses to shoot macro shots. Most of the shots on this site are of flowers but macro doesn’t only involve flowers, it involves anything that requires magnification to show its actual size. Macro photography examples include shooting insects, flowers, water droplets or even snow flakes.

Few Tips for shooting Macro and floral photography

  • You need a Macro lens to shoot macro or floral photography shots. They range from 50mm to 200mm focal length but main thing to watch out for here is the magnification, you need at least 1:1 magnification to shoot macro or floral shots.
  • Tripod is not a must have but is recommended as macro lenses tends to require slow shutter speed and if you want to get sharp images you better use a tripod.
  • If you dont have a special macro lens, you can use lens tubes or lens extension tubes. These tubes allow macro photography with regular zoom lenses.
  • Use flash to add special blend to your macro shots. Flash tends to give right ambiance to the macro or floral shots

Macro & Floral photography
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