Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is one avenue which everyone of us is interested in. Every time when we go on a vacation to a hill station or to the beach we tend to see a scenic view and want to take picture of what we see. But more often the picture that we took doesnt look like the one we had in front of our eyes. Landscapes are trickier to capture as there are lot of elements in a landscape that we need to take care while capturing the photo.

5 Tips for better Landscape photography

  • Maximize the depth of field for your image. What this means is use the smallest aperture (high f number) to capture you shot. The reason behind it is if you use a wide aperture the landscape will on have certain part of your picture in focus, the depth wont be from your foreground to the background, so its essential to use maximum depth of field for Landscape photography.
  • Whenever possible use a Tripod, if you are serious about landscape photography then a tripod is a must have. Tripod allows you to have control on the sharpness of the image when capturing landscape with longer shutter speeds or in low light.
  • Wait for the golden hours this is a period shortly after sunrise or right before sunset during which daylight is colorful with shades of red,orange and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky.
  • Use the widest focal length available in your camera lens for landscape photography, the wider the lens the more you can capture.
  • Get your horizon straight before capturing the landscape. More often than not we miss this point, make sure the horizon of your landscape is straight, some of the newer cameras have built in virtual horizons. Use the virtual horizon to adjust your camera and then capture your landscape.

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