Kids Portrait Photography

Kids Portrait Photography is fun and interesting. Fun because you get to play with kids and take beautiful shots of all the different expressions that kids make while playing. The hardest part with kids portrait photography is keeping the kids interested in the shoot. Most of the time kids get bored after a few shots. Sometimes they are not at all interested in getting themselves photographed, the key in this kind of situation is to get your conversation going and make them laugh. You can take pictures while they are laughing, these kind of candid pics often come out the best. Within Kids portrait photography is new born and babies photography, this is tough as you need to bring lot of props into play when photographing new borns and babies. Props like toys, basket , blankets, soft woolen hats etc can be used.

Tips for kids portrait photography

  • Never get angry, just relax. Kids try to play their own game. Be funny and crack jokes often.
  • Always have your camera on continuous high mode, as kids move fast and you need to be able to take as many shots as possible while they move
  • Bring props like Balloons, Bubbles etc . Kids enjoy this props and will start playing with them while you shoot.

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