Week 12 – Patriotic Photography

Week 12 of my blog, again sorry for not being able to post since long. I need to get this blog posts every week, but since I manage my other business http://www.innoventixsolutions.com. I get very few chances of doing this.

Planning the Photoshoot

Since there was the famous Champions Trophy final match between India and Pakistan and also Fathers day on the same ocassion. I and my son decided to do a Patriotic portrait to support #teamindia. For preparing for the shoot what i did was get 4 face paints for the flag color and a cricket bat since the portrait was for supporting the team in a game of cricket. The backdrop for this is a new backdrop i got online and gives a classic old wood finish.


The Actual Photoshoot?

As mentioned above the backdrop was sticked to the wall. I painted my son’s face with the indian national flag #ilovemyindia #patriots and used my  Nikon D610 and favorite 50mm 1.8g lens. Since these shots were taken during sunset time i also used a tripod to avoid blurred photos at low ISO.

The main idea was to pop the indian flag so that it looks patriotic. so I kept my focus on the flag and then took all the pictures using the Wireless Flash Trigger. This allowed me to talk to my son and pose him as soon as he posed i used the Wireless Flash Trigger to take the shot. Kids above 2 yrs would not listen to you, i am sure everyone of the parents have been thru this 😉  Anyways i look many shots and kept looking at the previews because i wanted to make sure i didnt loose focus of the flag painted on the face. After son it was my turn. Its difficult to take your own portraits with Wireless Flash Trigger. Reason being you need to check in the frame where your focus point is and then position yourself accordingly so that the flag or atleast the face comes at the same point where the focus was.



  • Keep the camera  aperture wide open i had it at f1.8 and f2.8 max.
  • Use Wireless Flash Trigger as it will give liberty to move around and help the subject
  • Make sure the shutter speed slight higher than the focal length.


Post Processing

The most important part of the whole shoot was the post processing as i intentionally popped the indian flag in post processing. As always Lightroom is a great tool to do this. What i did was de-saturate all the colors and then used the selection tool to highlight the flag on the face and then saturated that part of the photo. Many people do know this simple trick but its very effective. Any time you want to pop a particular color all you need to de-saturate all the colors and then move the slider for the one color you want to pop, that simple!


Camera settings for the photos

Lens : 50mm 1.8g

Camera: Nikon D610

Shutter Speed : 1/200th – 1/400th second

Aperture : F1.8-F2.8

ISO : 200-400

Mode A

Hope you are experimenting. Let me know if you need to learn anything related to photography.

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