Week 10 – Outdoor Baby Photoshoot – Nivaan

Week 10 of my blog, today i discuss a recent outdoor photoshoot of 1yr old baby boy Nivaan. Why , because baby and toddler photography is the reason why i started learning photography and secondly there  are lots of parents out there with little cuties who are very much expressive. I want to give all the parents something so that they can capture there toddlers.

Location Hunting

The Client in this case required me to shoot outdoors, generally i like to shoot indoors and in studio environments. But I have to respect the clients requirement as well. The only problem with outdoor shoots is that the time slots are limited. You need to shoot either early morning or right before sunset. Why? Because the lighting is too harsh through the remaining parts of the day.

I started looking for locations like children parks and gardens. For people in Ahmedabad I went to riverfront , parimal garden, law garden and had to reject the first 2 because riverfront i had to pay Rs. 1750 as photography fees and parimal garden requires me to have a permission so that came down to Law garden.

The Actual Photoshoot?

Based on prior discussion we decided to shoot before sunset at Law Garden, ahmedabad. I took with me lots of hats, suspender and tie for the photoshoot. I used my favorite 50mm 1.8g lens for the entire shoot as it gave me the depth of field required to blur the gorgeous lush field in the background and at the same time have sharp photos. Another reason for using the 50mm 1.8g is that with wide aperture i can have higher shutter speeds and can capture the movements of the baby as they occur. As you can see from the photos we used lot of different props and attire to get the best results.

For boys accessories like hats, suspendors , tie and bowtie work out very well. For girls i say, bows, headbands, caps ,umbrella and purse workout good. And i dont need to tell you what color they should be (blue or pink).

One important thing to note here is let the child be familiar with the environment and settle down. If you start clicking pictures and unsettle the child early on, it would be difficult to get good expressions and in turn good photos.

For this baby photoshoot, I asked the parents to get some balloons and bubble maker as a prop. Reason behind this was kids love both balloons and bubbles. If you dont have assistant feel free to ask parents or whoever is with the baby to blow some bubbles towards the baby. Once the baby starts giggling settle down and get your background clear and take the shot.

Note: since this was a public park there were lot of other distractions and as a photographer we need to make sure that we frame our shot such that the background is distraction free.


  • Always focus on one eye of the baby
  • Keep your frame always ready as with kids you never know when they will start smiling or give the perfect expression
  • As mentioned above have higher shutter speed and wide aperture
  • Bring some musical toy in order to draw kids attention towards you
  • Use Balloons, bubbles or their favorite toys as props


Post Processing

For all the photos on this post i used Adobe Lightroom for editing and added lot of vignetting , bit clarity , contract and vibrance. For the black and white shot the trick is to unsaturate the photos using the HSL ->saturation panel in Lightroom and then adding only red saturation to bring out the red color tie.


Camera settings for the photos

Lens : 50mm 1.8g

Camera: Nikon D610

Shutter Speed : 1/200th – 1/400th second

Aperture : F1.8

ISO : 200-400

Mode A

Hope you liked the post and learned something new today.

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