Week 6 – Valentines Day is Here Get the Best Floral Shot

This week we dive into Macro Photography, have you ever tried getting up close to a flower or a insect and tried to capture the object so that it looks big but unable to do so ? Don’t worry after going through todays blog you will get some basics about Macro Photography and what techniques you can use to get the close-up shots.

What is Minimum Focus Distance?

Before we get into techniques lets understand some important terms, one of which is Minimum Focus Distance of the lens. This is the distance measurement of how close can you go to the subject before being able to get sharp focus.

Below are the samples for a regular 50mm 1.8g prime lens and Macro lens

minimum focus distance on nikon 50mm 1.8g                Macro lens minimum focus distance

Techniques to get Macro Photography going

  1. Using Regular Lenses and Extension Tubes:

    Extension Tube  are a great option if you don’t want to invest in a specialize macro lens and just want to use what you have. The shot shown above of the roses are taken using the extension tubes and a Nikon 80-200 lens. The extension tubes get attached between the DSLR body and the lens and thus allow to reduce the Minimum Focus Distance for your regular lens. This way you can use your kit lens or the best lens that you have and try going closeup to the subject of your lens. If its a zoom lens then it will allow you to zoom closer to the subject. Hope this helped.

  2. Macro Lens

As the name suggest Macro lens allows you to go up close to the subject and take 1:1 photos. 1:1 means that the image of a subject size is sent as the same size on the sensor (or film) as real life, every macro lens should have atleast this much magnification.  Some have even more like 1:2. My favorite macro lenses are

Nikon Macro Lenses

Nikon 105mm f2.8 Micro lens

Tamron SP AF 60mm F/2

Canon Macro Lenses

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L

Tamron SP AF90mm F/2.8 Di

Things needed for the Macro Shot ?

For the photos that I have shown above I used a Nikon 80-200 lens and Extension Tubes. I also had my camera on a tripod as when you are using Extension Tubes and trying to get close up focus the Shutter speed needed to get correct exposure will be very slow. So I highly recommend using a DSLR Tripod for this setup.

The Actual Photo shoot

I took the shot above at about 9am in the morning when the sunlight wasn’t too harsh and there where clouds in the sky to create a excellent natural softbox. I setup my camera , lens and extension tube on the tripod and went up close to the rose for the picture. I had to move the camera a little before I could get sharp focus. With Macro lens you don’t need to do that. You know the Minimum focus distance so you can go as per the distance and setup the tripod.


Post Processing

Before after of the macro shot

I wanted to make the Rose more Clear and have the Pink of the flower standout in the photo so I added some contrast and clarity to the picture. Then I reduced the Vibrance and Saturation so that the background looks pale and the flower pops out.


Camera settings for the photos

Lens : Nikon 80-200 lens

Camera: Nikon D610

Shutter Speed : 1/45th second

Aperture : F4

ISO : 100

Mode M

Focal Length 100mm

That’s all for this blog on Macro photography and floral shots. Happy Valentine’s to my subscriber. Hope to see you next week.

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