How to perform good excellent wild life photography using dslr camera of cite puppies

How I found the subject of this weeks Photograph?

I read at a blog on digital photography school that finding a subject to practice your photography is not that difficult. You just have to keep your eyes and creativity open. From then on I have been looking at lights , subjects , interesting events etc from the eyes of the camera or lets says through the lens as a photographer. Recently I was jogging in the park next to my house and I saw these cute puppies while running. At the first instance I didnt have a camera to shoot them so I took pictures using my phone just in case they run away or may not be present the next day.

The same day I decided to go again with my family especially my son to show him the cute puppies. Luckily we were able to see 2 different set of puppies  2 newborn puppies and 4 puppies who were about 1 month old.

Preparation before taking the picture?

In preparation of  taking pictures of the puppies I took my Nikon D610  a 50mm 1.8g prime lens , 80-200mm F/2.8D ED Telephoto Zoom push pull (very old lens). The telephoto zoom is a good lens to have when shooting wild-life or birds as it has a good range and you can stay away from the subject and yet have good quality pictures. Do not worry if you dont have these lens you can do just fine with regular kit lenses instead of the 50mm 1.8g use the 18-55mm kit lens and instead of the 80-200mm you can use the 55-200mm telephoto zoom lens or 70-300mmAF lens these are inexpensive options but really good ones.

The Actual Photo shoot

Ok enough of the technicality of lenses.  We went to the newborn puppies first and decided to take their pictures first for 2 good reasons

  1. the sun was about to set and the lighting was really good at the place were these puppies were sleeping
  2. both the puppies were sleeping so we could quietly go closer and capture good pics

since the lighting was a bit bright i decided to make 2 out of the 3 pictures i captured into black and white photos.

just check the comparison below between the original and the processed pic

adobe lightroom processed photo               comparision between original and processed photo

I use Adobe Lightroom for processing my photos.

for the photos of the 2 new born puppies i used my 50mm 1.8g and was mostly 3-5 ft distance away from the puppies. Make sure you are on the ground when you are shooting such small animals.

Camera settings for the new born puppies was

lens 50mm prime

Aperture f1.8 to 3.5

ISO 100 ( since the natural light was quite bright)

Shutter speed was between 1/320th of sec to 1/1250th of a second as the puppies were moving i had to shoot at higher shutter speeds.

Location 2

After searching for a while for the other set of puppies the 1 month old puppies we finally found them in a tunnel/cave underneath the ground. I had to use the  80-200mm telephoto zoom for this one as the puppies were sleeping in the tunnel and i didnt want to disturb them or get bitten by the mama dog 🙂

The camera settings used for the puppies in the tunnel were

lens 80-200mm Telephoto zoom

Aperture f2.8 (should have used higher like f4 or f5.6 to get more objects in focus)

Shutter speed ( between 1/400th to 1/32oth)

ISO 100 ( should have had higher shutter speed and higher aperture )

I processed these photo a little bit as they were darker and the puppies weren’t visible inside the tunnel. I had to add a bit exposure and brightness to make everything visible.

Thats all for this week , I hope you enjoyed the post , see you next week.




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