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Niagara falls and trip to Toronto

It is one of our memorable trip as it allowed to take beautiful landscapes of the Mighty Niagara and the city of Toronto. For those who have not yet visited Niagara falls and live near by the falls, I encourage you to go visit it from the Canada side. There are 3 main falls at Niagara.

  • American Falls
  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • Horse Shoe Falls

If you visit the falls from the America side you wont be able to get the front view of “American Falls” and “Bridal Veil Falls”. This is the primary reason I suggest to visit from Canada.
The gallery above shows the “American Falls” front view” captured from my galaxy s6 edge. There is a Black and White picture of the “Horse Shoe Falls” from behind the falls. There is a nominal fee to go to the observatory that is behind the horse shoe falls. Next up there is another full wide angle shot of the “Horse Shoe Falls” take with my Nikon D610 and Tokina 20mm f2.8 lens. The shot was not as sharp as i expected, thanks to the sprinkles from the falls and the rain on that day.

The last shot of the falls is a night shot of the “American Falls” with colorful light and taken from above the Skylon Tower.

After visiting the falls we moved with the flow of the falls and there is another place called “White Water Walk”. This is another attraction where you can see the fast flow of the falls from the side. The shot captured at this place was taken with a slow shutter speed and I made sure my camera was mounted on the tripod. The place had a pleasant view and you could see the speed of the flow of water.
After visiting Niagara city we headed to Toronto, the Canadian city that never sleeps ( since i had been to New York City, had to mention Canadian).

We didn’t have much time to visit all the places and my son was sick so we went straight to the main attraction “the CN Tower”. The tower is 1815 ft and has awe inspiring views. It was raining and cloudy when we went, so I took the towers pic with my phone and then headed to the top of the tower. Since it was cloudy the view at the top was filled with fog but still i was able to capture one shot with the Camera from the top. The picture from the top is the black and white pic with all the buildings in it.

After 2 days of continuous travel, we wanted to relax. We were staying in Hamilton city so we asked the locals was there any place to visit near by. The suggested to visit the Lake Ontario at Mississauga, I took the suggestion and headed there. The view at the lake was wonderful with purple sky and serene quite lake. The last shot captures the beauty of the sky an the lake through the woods.
Hope you enjoyed the post and the images!

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